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Social Media Marketing Tactics for Guaranteed Growth

Let me tell you about my go to Social Media Marketing Tactics that will always provide growth

Social media is a massive aspect of people’s lives, and the importance of it is growing every single day. Everyone wants guaranteed social media marketing tactics that will help their growth. This is because it can be used in so many different ways, from a platform to connect with your friends to a platform to promote your business and increase sales leads. So let me talk you through the main steps that lead to growth! It is important to note that growth is not always something that happens instantly, but consistency will cause a snowball effect. Now let’s dive into what that means!


Content – The key to any social media marketing tactics

Nothing is more important for social media growth than the content you are posting. Think about Instagram, and who you follow on this platform. You only follow accounts that you like or are interested in. Therefore, your content needs to be appealing to attract new follows.

This depends on what niche your account fits into, for example it could be comedy, which would require funny posts, or photography, which would require great photographs.

So, the first step is to decide your niche or category for your social accounts. Secondly, optimise for this category. Make sure your content is up to the standard, or above, of the competition. If you really want to grow fast, experiment. Trying new ideas to spice up the content can really help you grow.

Call to action

This is an integral part of increasing your engagement and therefore the reach of your post. You need to use your post to leverage an action, such as a comment or a like. A good example of this would be a photo on Instagram of new shoes and the caption being ‘New shoes, do you like them?’. The comments will increase as you have asked a question – called to action of the viewers. Now the engagement will increase as more people will see the post that don’t follow you.


Consistency, consistency, consistency. This is an extremely important social media marketing tactic. Think about a TV show. When they air for the first time, they have an assigned channel, day, and time within a week. This is consistent throughout its airtime, so its viewers know when they can watch the next episode.

This is how you want your content to be. In an ideal world, keeping a consistent schedule will help you grow. It does not have to be to the same level of a TV show, however. I would recommend posting daily, at a similar time each day. Do not post more than 3 times a day, otherwise you can annoy your existing followers and start to lose them.

If you cannot post daily, pick a schedule and stick to it. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday posts would be an idea, then your viewers get a post almost every other day and they know when it’s coming.


This is more important than you may think, and it is related to consistency. You want to post when your followers are most likely to be looking at their social media. At first it may be hard to know when the best time to post is, but you should have an idea. Take these ideas and do some tests, post at different times and see how the engagement on the posts varies! Of course, stick to posting at the best times.

Here are a couple to try:

  • Lunch time
  • Early evening – just after school or work


Find other social media accounts in your niche and follow them. Then when they post, engage with them. This will ensure that not only the poster sees your engagements, but the other followers can see it too.

Engaging on other peoples content can prompt people to check out your page, and as you’ve now got your content in good shape, this can lead to a new follower! Make sure you are leaving genuine and insightful or helpful comments to ensure this works.


Cross platform

This is a short point, but make sure all your social media accounts are tied together with links. Imagine if you get a new follower on twitter, they will probably check out your Instagram and then you will get a new Instagram follower too! Easy.



Hashtags increase the ability for people to find your posts who do not follow you. You want to leverage this to ensure your post reaches the maximum amount of people.

You must find hashtags related to your niche, and of varying sizes. It is best to research and find some tags that are large and some that are small. What I mean by this is the amount of posts that people use the hashtags for. On a larger one, your post will get seen a lot early on but then it will be buried, whereas with small hashtags it will have longevity.

Hashtags that correspond to local areas can also help massively with increasing followings. I have found people are more likely to follow you if they are from the same area. So, try adding some of these into your tags.

On Instagram you can post up to 30 hashtags, and it’s best to post them in the comments so it doesn’t make your post look ugly.

Try out a number of combinations of hashtags to see what gets you’re the best results. Then, use the tags that were the best for all of your posts in the future.

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