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Does a Blog Help SEO? How?

Does a blog help SEO?

Yes! A blog does help SEO. You probably already knew that so let’s delve into how does a blog help SEO now that you know for sure that it does.

On-page SEO

Creating a blog provides you the opportunity to focus on on-page SEO in a big way. You can dedicate each blog post to a keyword which you can fully cater towards to meet the important on-page SEO points.

With other pages on your site, it may not be possible to reach all of the required steps to ensure your page is optimised for search engines. With a blog, you will always have the opportunity to tailor the content towards the keyword and ensure that the on-page SEO is spot on. Then, with things such as proper website optimisation and breadcrumbs, you can work on reducing the bounce rate and getting traffic to your money pages.

Anyway, even increasing the traffic to your blog will help increase the domain status of your entire site and increasing your ranking for your homepage keyword!

Workplace with notebook on black background
Workplace with notebook on black background

Long tail keywords & wider spread of content

Blogging lets you focus each piece of content on a new keyword to tap into new user streams. Taking advantage of the multitude of avenues you can aim your content towards is the best way to increase the amount of users or readers of your site.

Each blog post can focus on a new keyword – and more specifically, in most cases, long tail keywords. This means that you will be casting a wider net over the searches because you will have site content for so many new keywords. You can imagine how much better it is to have more pages covering a variety of topics within the niche of your website. Do this and watch your website grow!

On top of this, targeting the right keywords will help you snowball your traffic so that you will begin to increase backlinks and then grow your website viewers exponentially.

Helps Google know what your site is about

Part of ranking in Google, or other search engines, is about the engine knowing what your website is truly about. Increasing the amount of content around your topic or niche of your business or website will help the search engines know what your website is about. This can only be a good thing! As the search engine learns about your website, the better you will rank.


A blog allows a website to provide useful content. It can be informative about topics within the industry for example. The route you choose to take with the blog will have a big effect on the perception of your website, and this is a great asset.

You can present your website as being an industry leader with insightful up to date information. This will help present your brand in a positive light which can only be good moving forward in terms of sales.

Therefore, ensure the content you produce is of a high standard and will provide the reader something of use. If it gets shared, you’re doing great!

Avenue for backlinks

Finally, providing quality content will increase the chances of you gaining quality backlinks to your website. Increase that link juice with a blog!

Every time you get new links, the domain and page authority increase. This will increase your page ranking on Google over time! Links are one of the most important parts of SEO in terms of ranking.

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