Free Marketing Certifications 2018

Free Marketing Certifications 2018 That Will Get You A Job!

The free marketing certifications 2018 has available are top notch

So you have decided you want to do marketing as a career, and now you need to both learn new things and also have respected qualifications to go along with your learning. What well respected free marketing certifications are available to improve your CV? Let’s have a look!

Google Analytics 


This is always going to be number one, and I think you know what’s going to be number two as well. As far as the free marketing certifications 2018 has to offer, this is one of the fundamentals.

You really need to know your way around Google Analytics. This tool is essential for tracking all of your other marketing campaigns. When you implement a marketing campaign you are going to be directing traffic towards a ‘money site’, and you will want to set up goals through analytics to track how successful this campaign was.

Or, you will want to use analytics to see how well you are ranking for certain search queries.

Or, you might need to break down where your traffic is being referred from, what path they follow through the site and what page they leave from.

Or, maybe you want to reduce your bounce rate by focusing on pages with the highest % bounce. What I’m trying to show is there are LOTS of different angles analytics will really help you with. It will help track anything in relation to growth of your money sites, which you will need to assess what’s causing your growth so you can continue these methods.

Google Adwords 


Pay per click (PPC) ads are a massive part of online marketing, and specifically search engine marketing. This is free, and it is a great certification to have. Again, this is one of the best free marketing certifications 2018 is offering. You should work towards this and view it as a fundamental. This will help your progression towards other niches within marketing.

Hubspot Inbound Certification 


After the two main certifications offered by Google, this is a great one to have. It really provides a great overview of all the skills you need to become a successful marketer, and what do you know, it’s free!

This will provide a brilliant background into lots of different aspects, which you can then build upon with other courses or certifications.

Facebook Blueprint 


Facebook plays a massive role is advertisements in 2018. PPC adverts are HUGE on Facebook and can reach an audience that isn’t necessarily reachable through other PPC channels.

Facebook Blueprint provides a free learning platform to master marketing on Facebook – become a Facebook certified professional today!

Twitter Flight School 



Want to master another social media platform? Use these short but sweet lessons to work towards an official certification saying you’ve mastered marketing on Twitter!


Hubspot Content Marketing

I am a big advocate of content marketing, especially in the world of social media. Take this free course and learn how to master content marketing, tie it together with some social media management methods and you’ll be golden!

Hubspot Email Marketing

Email marketing is a big part of marketing in general. Learn how to optimise your emails to maximise your engagement and increase the productivity of your campaigns!

As an additional note, Hubspot have other amazing certifications and courses that go into detail in other very useful niches. Take a look yourself – some may be more useful for what you want to do!

Google Online Marketing Challenge


This is very interesting to me. This is a competition to create the most successful Google Adwords campaign with a small $250 budget. The most successful campaign creators win a variety of prizes, but more importantly the winners gain the proof that they are GREAT at PPC marketing.

This is a very cool certification, without the official test.

In this case, the test is just saying ‘show me you can do it better than the rest’, and the result is a high accolade.



These certifications will provide you with the best base you need to get started in marketing. If you are reading this you definitely want to know how to improve your marketing skills. All I can say is do something, start a project and learn on the job. Get to work now, learn as you go. These certifications will build a base but a successful portfolio will show you so much about marketing and it will show so much about what you know too.

Thanks for reading, get learning, get started!




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