How to Become an Influencer on Social Media

Everyone wants to know how to become an influencer

You have to work hard on growing your brand on a cross-platform basis using content targeted towards a specific niche. This is the general overview; now let’s get into details by working backwards. We will focus on what an influencer is and why they are popular for marketers first, before drilling into how to work towards becoming one. Reverse engineering is the key for the topic of how to become an influencer.


What exactly is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has a presence. The presence they have lets them influence their audience. Take for example Casey Neistat. He has a large YouTube following, and he influenced a lot of his fans to think that electric skateboards are cool. I’m not saying that aren’t cool, this is just the general idea. He really helped to popularise the trend.

An influencer has the ability to promote a brand which their following will be interested enough to check out and probably purchase.

Basically, they have an influence over an audience.


Why is an influencer valuable?

The question then comes as to why an influencer is more valuable than other forms of advertising. There are many different points to explore here. Return-on-investment, Cheap/undervalued influencers, easily accessible and, most importantly, targetable audience.


Influencers exist, much more often than not, in a niche. Often, this niche is very specific. This is amazing for advertisers. These influencers have followers who are highly targetable. When a brand wants to make use of influencer marketing they can search for influencers who fit in their target demographic. What this allows is their marketing campaign to reache exactly who they want it to, and results can almost be guaranteed based off the audience’s perception of previous posts by the influencer.

So, think about it. Niche audience following someone they look up to is wearing a new t shirt. The t shirt fits their target demographic AND someone they respect is wearing the t shirt. How much better is that than a generic TV advert? On top of this, influencers are typically viewed as undervalued in today’s advertising market. You can sometimes gain exposure for your brand without even paying, just providing free products to influencers!


Now.. How to become an influencer on social media

Let’s look at what we now know – these influencers are popular due to their audience’s targetability. So here is the number one thing you need to do to become an effective influencer: Target a specific niche.

This is also a fundamental part of growing social media accounts – having a target niche. It is much easier grow within a specific theme rather than being sporadic, so this is great.

No one can decide your niche for you. It should be something you are passionate about, knowledgeable about and good at. Then you can provide top tier content consistently, which is the key. If you want to know how to become an influencer, you need to know your niche.

Beyond choosing your niche or target audience, the progression to becoming an influencer is understanding social media growth management and creating good content across all platforms.

Let’s run through the most vital things you now need to do to grow your following and gain an influence over a community. Basically, these are the steps on how to become an influencer.


Pick your niche

As already mentioned, you need to have a target niche to truly attract a great audience at a good speed.


Be consistent

You need to post good content on a regular schedule, preferably once a day at least. People don’t stop consuming media on the weekend so you shouldn’t stop posting.

The other side of being consistent is keeping your content theme consistent – this goes back to your niche. Stay within your niche and you are more likely to gain followers.


Be good

Now you have established you are going to post consistent content you need to make sure the content you are posting is actually good. And not just okay. Good. You don’t follow accounts because there content is okay. You follow them because their content is good and provides value. Learn from what others in the space do and do it yourself, but better.


Be cross platform

Even if you want to be only an Instagram influencer you need to be cross platform. It just provides you more opportunity to show your content to other people in your target demographic. Interlink your social platforms and grow them together.


Network and engage

Collaborate with other people, or just create work for them to showcase. This will provide you exposure which is everything for an influencer. Furthermore, engage with other people who are in your niche A LOT. Creating engagement will get people to check you out, which is exactly what you want.


These are the basics of how to become an influencer. Now all you need is the work ethic. This didn’t happen overnight for them, and it won’t for you either.

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