How to learn marketing for free!

How to learn marketing with free resources

The beauty of online digital marketing now is that you can learn so much by yourself for free.

I think the best way to learn is to do research and start a project. Use this project to apply the research you have conducted – this will help you to learn what does work and what doesn’t work. Honestly, a project is the best way to learn so get on it.

Here are my favourite resources on how to learn marketing:


Reddit is one of my favourite ways to learn anything, and marketing is definitely included in this.

If you don’t know what Reddit is, it’s a content aggregate site. There are millions of users who submit content to relevant niche communities, and it is either voted up or down depending on its regarded relevance by other users.

On Reddit there are multiple forums that I have learnt a lot from – Marketing, Digitalmarketing, SEO, BigSEO – to name a few. Do some searching and see what you like!

I would recommend checking them all out and looking at the highest rated posts and working from there.

Here’s what I love about these communities – and Reddit in general.

These communities, also known as subreddits, compile together the best content decided by other members of the subreddit. Therefore, you can easily find some amazing content to help you learn. There are often discussions between many people in the industry and the insights can be amazing. It provides the platform to find some of the best content and also get insight from veteran marketers.

On top of this, one of my favourite things is the ability to contribute yourself. If you don’t understand something, or really can’t find an answer to something, you can comment or post and you will get helpful answers. This is an amazing resource. I encourage you to check this out and consider utilising it, but please bare in mind the Reddit rules and use the search function and Google to not post duplicate or easily answered questions.



I have learnt so much from blogs. They can be a truly amazing resource. All you have to do is Google best marketing tips and then go down a rabbit hole of interlinked blogs. You will learn so much.

I would encourage you to read lots of blogs as they are free, all you have to do it deal with annoying pop ups asking for an email address usually.

However, please diversify where you are gathering your information from. It’s always good in life to gain from new sources.




Gaining certifications is an amazing way to progress your career by developing your CV or resume. Of course, they also really promote learning – as you need to learn in order to pass the exams and gain the certifications. Try out a couple and start learning and gain something to show for it.



Youtube is an amazing resource that provides information, for free, about so many different things. Of course, marketing is one of these things. Just search what you want to know and you’ll find plenty of videos telling you exactly what you want to know.

You can also use Youtube to learn so many skills that will help you with your marketing endeavors – web design, graphic design, video skills etc


Study others

There are a lot of successful marketers out there. You should study what they do. Social media strategy, content, consistency – all of it. See what they do, and you will learn so much. Also try to do what they do, but better. Knowing what your competition is up to is very important.


Thanks for reading how to learn marketing for free! I hope you enjoyed the post and it will help you find the resources you need.


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