How To Be a Fitness Influencer!

About Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers are huge on social media at the moment. There are so many people that follow fitness influencers as there is such a wide variety of the content they can and do produce. It ranges from people targeting individuals who can’t get to the gym with home workouts and nutrition advice to girls selling booty guides.

All of these fitness influencers have the potential to provide exceptionally useful information to the uninformed, and for the most part the popular influencers really do provide a valuable insight into the portion of the industry they are an expert in.

Of course, a big part of the income for fitness influencers in this space is sponsored posts regarding fitness clothing and supplements, which is potentially where the space becomes slightly more disingenuous. Nevertheless, overall the fitness social media industry is a massively positive space.

The best way to penetrate this space and become a fitness influencer yourself is to look at what currently sells or works and build upon it. Let’s take a look.

Niche in your niche

How To Be a Fitness Influencer!

This is not compulsory although it definitely will help initial growth. You probably will end up transitioning into a niche anyway without realising it and you can’t really be a jack of all trades in this regard. So just think about exactly what value you can provide to the fitness industry, whether it is home workouts, great tips to improve your form, just easy fitness tips in general, quick nutrition tips – you get the picture. There are a lot of options but you want to really be centred around one so it is clear what your brand will provide.


Make a website

We think this is one of the best ways to stand out – have a personal branded website which is linked between your social medias and create content for the website. Standing out is the aim of the game for growth in this space. It will make you look professional. This can also be the place you host monetised items such as guides, or affiliate links.



We are massive advocates of staring a blog to help your business grow. This is because it is so helpful for improving the SEO of your website. If you can post regular blogs you will attract new readers through different keywords, which you can then direct to your other mediums and increase your followings there.

Doing this will require some research into basic SEO– although that is not too difficult and there are WordPress plugins that will greatly help you with this as well.



Instagram is really the best place for fitness influencers to grow at the moment. What I don’t see a lot of them doing is taking advantage of stories and the captions of their posts.

In your captions you should provide great value to your followers. Leave a story, an anecdote or a tip for example. If you do this for every post your knowledge will be projected much better to your potential viewers. It is much better to post quality content with great captions rather than just churn out any content. Furthermore, it is always worth including a call to action in your caption. This means including something that will make the reader interact with the post – such as a question so they can comment and you will reply.

Make sure you really utilise stories – Instagram loves it and they can be pushed to people who don’t follow you which means free exposure. I would suggest documenting your fitness lifestyle and providing worthwhile little tips every day. Even if they seem trivial to you not everyone will know them. Work on building on top of this as well – do something to stand out by having a unique story.



You need to be producing content on a regular basis and it needs to be good content.

Being consistent is important so your followers know when to expect and engage. Little known fact: initial engagement on Instagram controls how well a post will do massively. If your followers know when you are going to post your engagement will be great at first – helping your outreach. You can always encourage posting notifications too. People like to do this by providing shoutouts in their stories to first commenters.

Good content. What exactly does this mean? It needs to be original and it needs to be high quality. That’s really what it means – and it definitely can get hard to produce good content. But it is probably the most important key to growth. Think about it.


Other Socials

I think for aspiring fitness influencers Instagram will be the most popular platform and also the best in my opinion. But this should not take away from the potential and importance of the other social media platforms. You need to be creating content for all of them in order to maximise your outreach. Think about it – you will reach new and different people on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Interlink all of these platforms and create content for all of them, this will increase your growth.

Youtube is also a very powerful outreach platform. The effort to produce good content for Youtube is large relative to other social medias, however it is a great resource. All fitness influencers should be providing valuable content on Youtube as well. Even one consistent upload a week would be great for growth.



Engagement is twofold and is a very standard and proved social media marketing tactic.

Firstly, you need to engage on other people’s content within your niche. This will help other people find your profile. Make sure your comments are insightful and helpful – don’t just spam

Secondly, you need to engage with anyone who comments on your content. This will help create a great community and this does help you grow faster.



Set up collaborations with other people in your niche who are trying to grow. You can make content together and both share it and fans will flow between your accounts – this will help both of you grow so it is mutually beneficial. It’s always great to build a network and this really helps with that too!


Free guides

This is one of my personal ideas, but I think it’s a great way for you to provide value to your followers. Create a great PDF guide that really helps with something you are knowledgeable about. Promote it in posts and in your stories to get downloads. People will see the value if it is good and they will follow you – in the future you will have a larger base to be able to influence and monetise.

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