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5 Instagram Growth Hacks to Boost Followers and Engagement

Here are my 5 Instagram growth hacks that actually boost engagement 

There are a lot of articles out there (including some of my own!) that tell you the formulas to growing on Instagram. And I stand by them. However, I think these ‘hacks’ are more unconventional methods that are popular at the moment that definitely help – but aren’t well known. Hence why they are called Instagram growth hacks! Take a look and consider implementing some of these Instagram growth hacks in your Instagram game!


I love stories. You can post as much as you want (technically) and every time you post you will be back at the front of the story section for everyone that follows you. This is excellent, as the Instagram algorithm is not chorological so this is a way to counteract that. I would say stories are so undervalued at the moment, hence why they are first on the Instagram growth hacks list.

5 Instagram Growth Hacks to Boost Followers and Engagement
The newest stories appear on the left

There is so much potential with stories, and I don’t see many people grasping it.

You want to post daily in your stories with high quality content. Trust me, if you post a short edited video in your story you are going to stand out from the rest.

This is super important because Instagram also LOVE stories. If you ever go to the explore page, you know Instagram have algorithms in place that tailor your explore towards things that you like. Well, they also do this for stories, look at the top. This is a great way to gain exposure as not many people are doing this, and it will really help you stand out with high quality content in your story. Give it a shot!

5 Instagram Growth Hacks to Boost Followers and Engagement
Notice how stories are promoted on this explore page


Polls are very new so it makes sense that Instagram would like people using them. They are such a great tool for engaging with your audience – and there are so many ways to use them! This is why they are one of my Instagram growth hacks.

Perhaps you could post a story saying ‘did you guys like the style of my new post?’ with a yes or no option. This would engage your audience and also encourage people that haven’t seen your new post to go and engage with it. This is just one of so many examples of how you can use polls. Get creative.

Of course, they are great because they are hosted within your story, and as we just discussed providing good Instagram story content can get you pushed onto the explore page, which really is the ultimate goal.


The Instagram algorithm LOVES initial engagement, within the first half hour is the best rule to abide by. Therefore, funnelling as many of your followers as possible to your new post within the first 30 minutes is the best way for that post to blow up.

One of the best ways to do this at the moment is using what I’ll call engagement games. They seem to be a call to action version two.

The aim is to use your story and caption to get people to comment on your post so it gets pushed onto the explore page. There are a couple of popular ways to do this, but you should try to think of your own variation too!

One way is to put in the caption saying that the first person to comment a particular word with individual letters will win a giveaway.

Another way is to say comment your favourite emoji, and you can always add in I will follow 5 people back who post their favourite emoji.

As you can see these methods would really increase engagement which would push your post to more people – hence why it is one of my Instagram growth hacks. 


This is pretty similar to the last one – but can be used to grow up multiple accounts.

Host a giveaway and require the entrants to follow your account, another account and like and comment on pictures of your choice. The comment should require them to tag 3+ friends. This way it is bringing in new people to your page with every entry.

Run these giveaways with other people if you can so you can both promote it and exchange and bring in new followers together.  


We have already discussed initial engagement, which you definitely need to push, so this part is about engaging with other accounts. There are so many ways to do this. Take a look at Gary’s $1.80 Instagram strategy for some inspiration on engagement. 

You can engage with people in your niche in comments. Make sure the comments are valuable and about the post that you are on.

You can reply to other comments on posts within the niche to join a discussion.

You can engage with people through direct messages.

You can engage through likes.

You can engage with follows.

You can engage on other social medias and forums and link back to your Instagram. 

All of these things will bring attention to your account, so doing them all will increase followers. It is important to do each one in moderation so as not to get temporarily banned by Instagram.


Thanks for reading 5 Instagram Growth Hacks to Boost Followers and Engagement! I hope it helps you grow. Please follow the blog so you are notified when new ones are posted. 


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