Where Does HODL Come From?

If you are in the crypto space you will have seen this term, but where does HODL come from?

The origins of this are literally due to a forum post on bitcointalk from December 2013. The original poster, GameKyuubi, made a post about Bitcoin crashing back at this time. He was saying how he will not be selling because he is a bad trader, and he knows he is a bad trading, so he will be holding. Only, in the title of the post he spelt it ‘HODLING’ which lead to the creating of the popular saying in the crypto world ‘HODL’. 

What does HODL mean now?

Nowadays HODL is a widely used expression on cryptocurrency forums. What it means is to hold your purchase and not sell, despite dips. It means to buy a currency with the intention of holding it for a long period of time. 
Some people often tout the expression to mean ‘Hold On for Dear Life’ – which has a similar meaning to what is outlined above. 
Cryptocurrency investors now use the term HODL to express their belief in the future of the market. They are holding (or hodling) their coins because they think that in the future they will be worth more than they are now. As the original poster also stated, hodlers also often do not trade because they know that are bad at trading. They would rather just hodl and wait for the market to increase. As the investors believe in the tech, the believe adoption will bring on new investors which will increase the price of their coins while they HODL. 

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