Binance Have No Plans For USD (Short Term)

Binance Have No Plans For USD Pairs (Short Term)

There have been a lot of rumours floating around recently stating that Binance are going to be adding FIAT pairs. This is a very popular rumour due to the recent success of Binance. Binance have achieved substantial growth other the last 6 months are are arguably the most popular exchange today for cryptocurrency. FIAT pairs are highly desired in cryptocurrency as it provides a means for more people to enter the market, and generally makes the market healthier. Therefore, people have been getting very excited about the prospect of Binance introducing FIAT pairs to their website.

CZ, the CEO of Binance, has just announced that they are indeed working with banks to attempt to add FIAT pairs to their website. However, in the short term they have no plans to introduce USD pairs. This is most likely due to regulation issues.
This will be a shame for US investors, as FIAT pairs are highly desired. Furthermore, investors worldwide will be disappointed with this news, as it is believed that the addition of USD pairs to exchanges (not just Binance) will help the market recover and re-enter a bull market, as cryptocurrency becomes more accessible.

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